Sunday, March 2, 2008

Peter Wyngarde

A few months ago, I started work with the Windows Movie Maker Software that I've had on this computer forever, but which I never bothered to work with. Oh do I regret that - as if I'd started with it five or six years ago, who knows what things I might not have accomplished...

Anyway, here is a video I put together of Peter Wyngarde, one of my favorite actors, having a fencing duel with Roger Moore in The Saint.

It's just a series of still photos set to the music of O Fortuna. I'm much more skilled now than I was then, unfortunately I didn't keep the files and so can't edit it .... ah, yet another regret.

Anyway, there are lots of nice stills of Peter - sans the "bouffantitude" that marred his otherwise excellent Jason King - and of course the music of O Fortuna is always worth listening to:

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