Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Robert Goulet in the Blue Light

In this episode, Field of Dishonor, Steve Ihnat guest-stars as a German general who has grown disenchanted with the Nazis and wishes to flee to England. (In the same series, James Frawley, who played Robert Renaldo in The Outer Limts two-parter The Inheriotrs, plays a Gestapo officer).

THe series ran for only 17 episodes.

Below are the scenes with Steve Ihnat

My recorder can't grab the first few seconds of this scene, in whch Steve Ihnat as Gerhart knocks Robert Goulet over the little fence thingie. But it is soooo annoying. Goulet is on the ground, giving Steve plenty of time to grab up his gun. But no. He runs! This also despite the fact that, later on in the scene, it is revealed that he also has a knife! The fight scene at the very end is very shadowy....at this point Ihnat has a bad back and I don't think he does his own stunts anymore, which may be why things are arranged so that the fight takes place in shadow (thus allowing for a stuntman).

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Scarlet Pimpernel in Japanese - who knew?

Above is a link to Amazon to purchase the 1991 Concept Cast of the Scarlet Pimpernel Musical.

Below, a scene from an all-female Japanese troop of actors performing The Scarlet Pimpernel musical, in Japanese. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takarazuka_Revue

Here is "Into the Fire"

(I've never seen the musical version, but I've got the "concept CD" that has Peebo Bryson, Chuck Wagner, and Linda Eder.)

The BEST Scarlet Pimpernel - Anthony Andrews, Jane Seymour, and Ian McKellen:

And to hear Linda Eder perform The Man of La Mancha:

Here Come The Brides: Absalom

The first season of Here Comes the Brides has been released on DVD, the second season has not. Thanks to a kind friend, I have a copy of "Absalom", from the second season, which starred Mitch Vogel as an ostensibly deaf/mute boy, whose insane father "leaves him" to Jason Bolt. Steve Ihnat plays the boy's uncle, who blames the boy for driving his brother insane.

Below are most of Steve's appearances in the episode. (There are two very brief scenes of a shaggy haired and bearded Steve playing Oliver Tray's insane brother, but they'e too brief to bother with).

The Bolt brothers enter their home to find lawyer Oliver Tray waiting for them:

Jeremy Bolt (Bobby Sherman) tries to persuade Oliver Tray that Absalom is intelligent and can be taught sign language.

Jason Bolt tries to plea Absalom's case, but Oliver Tray is adamant. Absalom must go into an asyslum.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Steve Ihnat in Felony Squad

Steve Ihnat plays Vic Durant. He had been the protege of Mr. Majeski, a hood who has fled the country, but has now returned to testify against Durant who has taken over his businesses.

Howard Duff as Sgy Sam Stone and Dennis Cole as Detective Jimm Briggs ask him questions. (Cole doesn't say anything in this scene.)

Below is the scene where Vic Durant, who has a gun, does not wait at the front of the greenhouse to pick off the two men hunting him as they come through the doors. No, he runs to the back of the greenhouse and allows them to get him in a pincer movement. Steve/Cic's expression as he realizes he's about to die is very affecting... then there's fights between the detectives and the villains, then Dennis Cole and Howard Duff get a brief moment of bandinage, and fade out...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dennis Cole in Felony Squad

Dennis Cole passed away today. The only TV show of his of which I have a copy is The Felony Squad: "Target" which guest-starred Steve Ihnat. Unfortunately the quality of my source copy isn't that great, but thought I'd share som screencaps from it.

Only a few today, I'll upload the rest tomorrow.

Cole plays second lead to Howard Duff (at one point married to Ida Lupino, and radio's Sam Spade). Ihnat plays Vic Durant, a mobster who grows orchids, and who has taken over the business of Mr. Majeski, a mobster who fled to Cuba but who has now returned to the States to testify against Durant. In the beginning, someone tries to kill him, but no one is injured. The woman, his wife, is played by Angelique Pettyjohn, whom Star Trek fans may remember as the silver-bikini clad fighter in Gamesters of Triskelion.

Uploading a video is so much quicker!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Darren McGavin's Mike Hammer, and other stuff

Steve Ihnat fans are in for a treat, as a few of his scenes from a variety of TV shows have been uploaded to YouTube.

I've been a fan of Darren McGavin since seeing him in Kolchak, Nightstalker, over 30 years ago. He was the original Mike Hammer.

Here's a scene from Mike Hammer in which a very young Steve Ihnat, in one of his very first roles, tries to intimidate Hammer.

Then there's the case of Dr. Kildare, starring Richard Chamberlain. Another series very popular at one time, that is not out on commercial DVD.

Here's two scenes that feature Steve: