Friday, July 22, 2011

John Sutton in The Adventures of Casanova

This 1948 movie starred Arturo de Cordova as Casanova, along with Turhan Bey and John Sutton.

They changed his character - instead of a lover, he's also an Italian "Zorro" - returning to his home to fight against the invaders, in this case the villainous Comte de Brissac played by John Sutton. Sutton of course steals the films, in his all-too-few scenes.

The actor who plays Bernardo is Fritz Leiber, the father of Fritz Leiber Jr., the science fiction writer. [Leiber Jr, wrote a funny (albeit confessional) story entitled "237 Talking Statues, etc.", inspired by his difficult relationship with his father, in which Francis LeGrand II is confronted by the statues and paintings of the title, all self-portraits of his father in various roles, with which he discusses his relationship with his father.]

(Sorry it's in so many parts but my laptop was behaving very badly while I was doing this).

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simon Lack in The Apple Cart

Way back in 1975, I was in England for the second time, along with my family. I was 14. They all had gone off somewhere, leaving me in the hotel room. I can't remember why...mebbe i wasn't feeling well, but while there I watched The Apple Cart, starring Nigel Davenport. And I liked it. 40 years later I remember that - I don't remember why I liked it, I just did. (Apart from the fact that Davenport was very slim and trim and commanding!)

Anyway...The Apple Cart was reminded to me last year when I did my research into Simon Lack's ouvre - he has a small part in it, at the very beginning (which I didn't and don't remember - he had no scenes with Davenport).

I never thought I'd be able to see it again, as I looked for it on DVD on Amazon and it was not there. But, just a week or so ago, I was reading ...something...about Maggie Smith in The Millionairess, and the author of the post said that The Apple Cart was an extra on the Millionairess dvd. (Ah, now I remember, I think I was searching for Maggie Smith on You Tube, and a commenter on a video mentioned it.

Anyway, I ordered the DVD, it arrived today, and below are screencaps of Simon Lack.

Screencaps of Nigel Davenport to follow. ; )

[Quality of the transfer isn't that great, so neither is quality of the photos).