Friday, March 19, 2010

Was Jason Alexander channeling William Shatner on Criminal Minds?

I've just discovered a TV show called Criminal Minds, and have been watching it for the last few days (It's shown on several channels throoughout the day, if you get Satellite). I don't really care for it, I'm just watching it because I've seen every NCIS and Law and Order ep out there, and so wanted to watch something new while I did my writing work....

Anyway, so I'm watching Criminal Minds and it's an episode called "Masterpiece" from 2008 and it guest-stars Jason Alexander (George Costanza from Seinfeld) as the serial-killing villain, Professor Rothschild. He's still short and stout, but he's got a magnificent mane of white hair, in the Charlton Heston as Moses wig, and he speaks in a very low, calm voice. ANd frankly, he does an excellent job. Very impressive.

But in the denoument scene, I couldn't help being reminded of Star Trek, and in particular "Whom Gods Destroy". Perhaps my perception was influenced by the fact that, although I haven't really bothered to seek out Alexander in anything else he's been in except Seinfeld, I do know that he is a fan of William Shatner's and can do imitations of him, and there was one Seinfeld episode where they're talking about The Wrath of Kahn, and Costanza actually raises his face to the heavens and shouts out Kahn! as Kirk did in that movie.

So I'm watching Alexander in the big denoument scene, with his gestures and his emphasis on words, and it did seem to me that he was doing an extremely toned down version of a Shatner as Kirk impersonation.

What he was also doing was walking around and around a stationary David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), and that reminded me of the scene from Star Trek's "Whom Gods Destroy" in which Kirk is circling Garth, trying to talk some sanity into Steve Ihnat's insane starfleet captain.

So that was kind of fun.

And the Criminal Minds team saves the five kidnapped people at the end, so it had a happy ending in that regard as well...

So all in all, not a show I'll be watching much, but I might check out Jason Alexander in other dramatic roles - should he be doing any! - just to see if this channeling of Kirk is a habit...or perhaps just my imagination.

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