Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steve Ihnat a hit on Gunsmoke: My Father's Guitar

I have a counter on my Steve Ihnat website, which tells me how many people visit the site and where they are from.

Usually there are only a handful every day, but today, the hits really jumped up.

I can only assume it's because these people were watching Gunsmoke today on the Western channel, saw Ihnat in the episode "My Father's Guitar" (as the villain opposite a young Beau Bridges) and wanted to know more about him. (Oh...and then he was on The Virginian today as well, in "Ned." Interesting coincidence that he'd be in two Westerns on the same day.

The site certainlly does spike whenever one of his guest-shots is on, which unfortunately is not often enough. These days that's all you ever see him in, his Westerns from Gunsmoke, and now that they're showing it, The Virginian.

I wish they'd syndicate Mannix and Mission Impossible - there was some acting! Of course they are available on DVD.

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