Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simon Lack in The Apple Cart

Way back in 1975, I was in England for the second time, along with my family. I was 14. They all had gone off somewhere, leaving me in the hotel room. I can't remember why...mebbe i wasn't feeling well, but while there I watched The Apple Cart, starring Nigel Davenport. And I liked it. 40 years later I remember that - I don't remember why I liked it, I just did. (Apart from the fact that Davenport was very slim and trim and commanding!)

Anyway...The Apple Cart was reminded to me last year when I did my research into Simon Lack's ouvre - he has a small part in it, at the very beginning (which I didn't and don't remember - he had no scenes with Davenport).

I never thought I'd be able to see it again, as I looked for it on DVD on Amazon and it was not there. But, just a week or so ago, I was reading ...something...about Maggie Smith in The Millionairess, and the author of the post said that The Apple Cart was an extra on the Millionairess dvd. (Ah, now I remember, I think I was searching for Maggie Smith on You Tube, and a commenter on a video mentioned it.

Anyway, I ordered the DVD, it arrived today, and below are screencaps of Simon Lack.

Screencaps of Nigel Davenport to follow. ; )

[Quality of the transfer isn't that great, so neither is quality of the photos).

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