Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Robert Goulet in the Blue Light

In this episode, Field of Dishonor, Steve Ihnat guest-stars as a German general who has grown disenchanted with the Nazis and wishes to flee to England. (In the same series, James Frawley, who played Robert Renaldo in The Outer Limts two-parter The Inheriotrs, plays a Gestapo officer).

THe series ran for only 17 episodes.

Below are the scenes with Steve Ihnat

My recorder can't grab the first few seconds of this scene, in whch Steve Ihnat as Gerhart knocks Robert Goulet over the little fence thingie. But it is soooo annoying. Goulet is on the ground, giving Steve plenty of time to grab up his gun. But no. He runs! This also despite the fact that, later on in the scene, it is revealed that he also has a knife! The fight scene at the very end is very shadowy....at this point Ihnat has a bad back and I don't think he does his own stunts anymore, which may be why things are arranged so that the fight takes place in shadow (thus allowing for a stuntman).

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