Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Steve Ihnat in Felony Squad

Steve Ihnat plays Vic Durant. He had been the protege of Mr. Majeski, a hood who has fled the country, but has now returned to testify against Durant who has taken over his businesses.

Howard Duff as Sgy Sam Stone and Dennis Cole as Detective Jimm Briggs ask him questions. (Cole doesn't say anything in this scene.)

Below is the scene where Vic Durant, who has a gun, does not wait at the front of the greenhouse to pick off the two men hunting him as they come through the doors. No, he runs to the back of the greenhouse and allows them to get him in a pincer movement. Steve/Cic's expression as he realizes he's about to die is very affecting... then there's fights between the detectives and the villains, then Dennis Cole and Howard Duff get a brief moment of bandinage, and fade out...

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