Friday, December 4, 2009

Lois Nettleton in Bracken's World: The Nude Scene

Below are 7 clips featuring Steve Ihnat and Lois Nettleton in Bracken's World: The Nude Scene. There are no nude scenes in any of the clips, I hasten to add!

I get quite a few hits on the Bracken's World page of my Steve Ihnat website tribute, from people searching specifically for Lois Nettleton. Indeed, I enjoyed her in her many performances, meself. Her most popular episodes are from the Twilight Zone, and the Golden Girls (in her early 60s but looking 40!).

Anyway, she appeared in an episode of Bracken's World with Steve Ihnat, called The Nude Scene. She plays a married actress who worries about how such a role will impact her two little children - a boy and a girl, and her husband. Meantime, Steve Ihnat plays an actor a leetle bit past his prime, who is also worried about playing a nude scene. (And just a year later, Lois would work with Steve again, except he'd be directing her from behind the camera in the movie The Honkers, which starred James Coburn. One wonders if the movie might have been more successful with a more accessible name, like Rodeo Cowboy or something! But I digress.)

This was 1970, when the nudity of women in American films wasn't as ubiquitous as it is today. (Although, interestingly, in the trailer for Madigan, which starred Richard Widmark and had Steve Ihnat as the villain, a woman's breasts are seen, briefly. And this was in the trailer! I dont' think they could do that today, although they do show a lot of disgusting things in trailers...usually from horror films. I don't think horror film trailers should be shown before PG-rated movies!)

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Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this great episode of a wonderful TV series, and of course two amazing guest stars. Love Steve Ihnat in everything, always did, thanks to you for keeping his name alive!