Monday, March 28, 2011

The Simon Lack Affair: Paul Temple

The serials starring Peter Coke as Temple, and Marjorie Westbury as his wife Steve (Steve being a nickname because as a journalist she'd used this name as her pseudonym.)

1. Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case (29th March to 17th May 1954). This story was remade in 1959 with Simon Lack in on one of the principle roles, but the version for sale on CD, and the one aired on BBC Radio 7, is this version! Doubtless because this was the first time Coke had essayed the role.

2. Paul Temple and the Madison Mystery Another remake of a previous serial starring Kim Peacock as Temple. (Aired in June and July of 1955). All tapes are apparently lost. Simon Lack played Chris Boyer.

3. Paul Temple and the Lawrence Affair. (11th April to 30th May 1956). Simon Lack is in this one, as Brian Dexter.

4. Paul Temple and the Spencer Affair. (13th November 1957 to 1st January 1958). Simon Lack plays Adrian Frost.

5. Paul Temple and the Van Dyke Affair. Remake of a previous serial, in which Peter Coke played one of the villains. (1st January to 19th February 1959). Simon Lack played Philip Droste.

6. Paul Temple and the Conrad Case. (2nd March to 20th April 1959). Simon Lack isn't in it. ; (

7. Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case. A remake of the 1954 serial. One we'll apparently never hear! (22nd November 1959 to December, 1959). Simon Lack played Lance Reynolds.

8. Paul Temple and the Margo Mystery. (1st January to 19th February 1961). Simon Lack plays Superintendent Rain (police officer).

9. Paul Temple and the Jonathan Mystery. A remake of a previous serial. (14th October to 2nd December 1963.) Simon Lack plays Reggie Macintosh - using his real, Scottish accent.

10. Paul Temple and the Geneva Mystery. (11th April to 16th May 1965) (Only 6 episodes.) Simon Lack plays Vince Langham.

11. Paul Temple and the Alex Affair. A remake of a previous serial. (26th February to 21st March 1968). Simon Lack plays Carl Lathom.

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