Monday, March 28, 2011

The Simon Lack Affair: The Secret Agent: "The Paper Chase"

Gordon attempts to talk to his girl friend, but...
an oily con man makes a pest of himself and makes off with Gordon's keys.

Simon Lack has a small role in the 22nd episode of the 3rd season of Secret Agent, starring Patrick McGoohan.

He plays Gordon Symonds, an English diplomat in Rome. He has takem some papers from the embassy that he wasn't supposed to, because he wanted to write his report on the papers over the weekend.

He stops on a street where his woman friend makes him come into the restaurant despite the fact that it's raining. He parks his car, goes into the restaurant, and a pickpocket steals his keys, and makes off with the briefcase from his car.

Gordon calls in his old friend, John Drake, to help.

Lack doesn't appear again until very nearly the end of the episode. Drake calls him and tells him his plan - he needs a lot of money and a go-cart (though we don't find this out until the end.)

And that's it!
Drake meets Gordon outside the restaurant

Gordon tells him his problem - he's only got 2 days to get the papers back.

Drake calls Gordon the next night, giving directions.

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