Friday, August 28, 2009


I was quite pleased today to get an email from another fan of Steve Ihnat's, complimenting me on the site and sharing his thoughts on Steve's performances. So that was pretty nice.

EDITED a few paragraphs... situation changed!

A few weeks ago someone else had sent me an anecdote about their meeting with Steve, I ask if I can put it on my site, he says sure, I do so, I send him the URL... and that's it. I don't hear from him again. No acknowledgement that he got my email, no acknowledgement that he liked the page...nothing. Did he die or become gravely ill between the time he said, "Yes, share it," and the two hours later when I said, "Here it is." ? I have no way of knowing.

Then there was this other woman. A year or so ago I published an overview article on a certain TV series. She emailed me and said that the article didn't do the show jusstice. She was a big fan of the show, had her own website, etc. So, I invited her to write an article. She said she would. Then, nothing for a month or two. I email her a couple of times, asking if she's changed her mind, and she says no, it's just that things have suddenly become very busy.

And I understand that. Been there, done that. But, I let it go. So, several months later, she emails me and asks me if I'd be interested in publishing the article. And I say sure, send it along. And she does so. And then I spend several hours designig the page for it, putting the photos in, doing the coding - which she as a webperson herself knows is not hard work, but is time consuming, and then I send her the URL of the completed page.

And... nothing. No communication at all. Does she like the way I designed it? I don't know. Does she appreciate the fact that I published it for her? I don't know. I noticed she'd gone around to the various message boards devoted to this TV show and announced her article - so she had received my message telling her it was online and good to go....she just couldn't be bothered to email me back and say, "Hey, thanks."

I admit that kind of frosted my buttons. If the article hadn't been getting so many hits, I would have taken it down, just on principle's sake. But popularity trumps principle. ; )

But I look at these things and I just throw up my hands. Is common courtesy so uncommon, these days? Apparently so.


David said...

Hi Caroline...I'm afraid I'm also kind of bad about getting back to people sometimes. I think it has to do with wanting to getting all my thoughts together, making my response worthwhile, and other classic reasons for procrastination. There always seems to be something more immediate I need to do. (There's a friend I should have gotten back to about something three weeks ago and now I'm delaying further because I'm so ashamed and also know she will be mad when I talk with her!) Please don't lose hope...people like me will get back to you! It's OK if you prod a little...sometimes we forget that all you need is a quick email saying we're still alive and will get back to you shortly. Try not to get upset with us!

David said...

Here's a little something I hope mitigates the bad behavior of people like me...I own (bought it a few years ago), and true to form I've done nothing with it. Well, as of a few minutes ago, redirects to your site! (There's a banner at the bottom, but at least it gets there!) You're doing more for his legacy than I ever I want as many people as possible to reach your site 8^)