Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updates to Steve Ihnat site

I talked to James Drury today. He worked with Steve 40 years ago on four Virginians, but unfortunately with all the time that had passed he couldn't really remember any specific anecdotes. (Or it may have been the constraints of talking to people over the phone. I confess I'm not a good phone interviewer. Horrible voice!)

Neverthless, he remembered Steve as an excellent actor, and gave me a quote to put on the website.

I also added some screencaps from It Takes a Thief (the ep is viewable on Steve's IMDB page). It was an episode called Turnabout,which featured Noah Bain (Malachi Throne) doing the thieving, as Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner) was laid up with a broken ankle (only to save the day in the end.) Ida Lupino guest-starred as a romantic interest for Bain. Steve isn't really a villain, per se, he is simply the man in charge of sescurity for "the other side" who is tasked with preventing a certain item from being stolen. Unfortunately, he fails in the end.

Oh, and by the way, the ep isn't available on Steve's page, but if you go to the page on Ironside, you can see his ep "The Fourteenth Runner." He doesn't have a large role, and he's wearing a moustache (which I personally don't care for!) but he does a good job with what he does...

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