Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ihnat on TV Aug 27

I forgot to alert my readers that Steve was on TV yesterday, in his I Dream of Jeannie episode. However, since that's avaiable to watch for free on his IMDB page (hosted at Hulu), no harm, no foul.

Today, at 3 pm Eastern, his Gunsmoke episode Noose of Gold is playing on TVLand.

Let joy and innocence prevail.


David said...

Thanks for the tip! "Noose" is one of Ihnat's best roles...I had the perfect hole in my day to run home and watch it. I have it on VHS but haven't seen it in years. It's really a star-making part...beautifully underplayed but with a lot of range of emotion, and he's photographed like a movie star.

Caroline Miniscule said...

Hi, David!

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, I enjoyed the ep and Steve's performance...up until the end. ; )

It *should* have been a star-making part, but unfortunately he continued to be typecast in villainous roles...well, he was so good in them!