Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alex Dreier vs Steve Ihnat? No contest!

Just got through watching -- in a sense -- Sweet Sweet Rachel starring Stephanie Powers as Rachel Stanton, Alex Dreier as Dr. Lucas Darrow, the lead of the show, and Steve Ihnat as Dr. Simon Tyler, in a minor supporting role.

I say I was watching it in a sense because, since I don't like horror shows, I didn't have the sound on while it was transpiring, so I'm not really sure what the heck was happening.

But what I do know is Steve Ihnat should have been the star and Alex Dreier the second banana, and one wonders why that wasn't the case. Steve, at age 36 or so, looks older than his years, but he was still younger, more mobile and more virile looking than Alex Dreier, who was tall, looked heavier than Raymond Burr ever did, and moved with a limp. And he certainly didn't seem to have the "presence" that Burr had. (On the other hand, in doing further research, it seems he was a very admirable man. Spoke up against racism and lost his job as a correspondent as a result, if this article is to be believed. [No sources are cited.]

So it must have been galling for Steve to be cast in a relatively small role in this thing.

The show was the pilot for the Sixth Sense, and it must have been even more galling, when the Sixth Sense made it to the small screen, that Gary Collins was given the lead. Although perhaps at this time Steve was busy writing/filming the Honkers and so couldnt' have accepted the larger role any way...

But, one does wonder about the casting. And the choice of Steve's to wear heavy glasses for the role. Perhaps it was his idea of what a psychiatrist wore, but they seem unneccesary, just obscured his face too much!

Dreier in center

Dreier on right

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