Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clips from Mannix Endgame and Star Trek Whom Gods Destroy

I now have the technology to record film clips! Yay. Starting with Steve Ihnat, of course, but I'll shortly segue into other actors and other favorite scenes.

Alas, one thing my loyal readers won't see, at least any time soon, is my Steve Ihnat: Epic Fights and Confrontation Scenes. It's there, on my computer, a mixture of video and frame-by-frame clips, of some of Steve Ihnat's fights and confrontation scenes. I ha to do some of it frame-by-frame, because I wanted to coordinate the action precisely with the music I'd chosen, which was an extended version of O Fortuna (the music from Excalibur.)

And it's great. The music is synched beautifully...but for some reason my software won't save the file as a movie! I threw a couple of tantrums like Garth/Kirk in Whom Gods Destroy, but it did no good. I suspect it's because I've got too much frame-by-frame stuff, it does seem to give Windows Movie Maker fits to have too much of it.

So, I've given up on that for now and will just work with clips. Which will probably be better, anyway, as newbies to star actors will get more out of actually being able to hear dialog, then just seeing the face but not being able to hear the voice.

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