Tuesday, September 1, 2009

With a yeehaw and an oh my god!

Steve's friend, whom I'd ragged on a couple of posts ago, emailed me today, told me to send him my phone number, and said we could talk for as long as I liked.

So of course I'm very happy, not to say ecstatic.

Unfortunately I'm also terrified. As I'd posted back then, I have a real fear of talking on the phone. And since he's going to call *me*, I won't have a chance to nerve myself up with a Pepsi or a bowl of icecream beforehand.

Nevertheless it must be done and I shall do it.

After all, all I need to do is ask him a question, that'll take 3 seconds, then he can talk for 5 minutes, and so on and so on.... so I won't really be talking on the phone....

So, my day has been made. And with this guy's insights into Steve, it will make his tribute site just that much more special. So I'm very happy.

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