Saturday, October 3, 2009

Steve Ihnat's Epic Fights and Confrontation Scenes

Set to the music of Carmina Burana's O Fortuna:

If you'll forgive a rant...the first version of the above video had the action timed precisely to the music. Precisely. Chanting for the confrontation scenes, music for the fights. And it was soooo good. But for reasons which I now know - too late to do me any good - I couldn't convert that version to a movie file.

So, there's this version, and the timing of the music really falls down at the end of the video, so much so that the "effect" I was going for throughout will be pretty much lost.

Having said's still fun to see Steve mix it up with his fellow actors!

1. Mannix, Endgame. Steve as Gus Keller has placed a bomb in Joe's walkie talkie. Unfortunately for Gus, Joe realizes this and gets rid of the one place Gus hadn't expected.

2. Andy Warshaw in Hour of the Gun, opposite James Garner as Wyatt Earp. Steve acts as lookout when Earp's brother is killed, so Earp guns him down.

3. In The Chase, Steve has the role of Archie, a guy who, along with Richard Bradford, had beaten up Marlon Brando earlier in the film. In this scene, Brando gets his own back.

4. In Daniel Boone, Steve as Sheriff Tyler has come to take Rebecca Boone into custody, in order to force her husband Daniel to do what his employer bids. Rebecca has a gun, but Steve doesn't believe she'll have the guts to shoot him. She does.

5. Another little bit of Mannix, Endgame, with Joe and Gus fighting.

6. Star Trek. Steve plays the insane Garth of Izar. William Shatner as Captain Kirk tries to remind him of who he used to be. He seems to be getting through, but then Garth's insanity reasserts itself.

7. 77 Sunset Strip. Steve is a flunky who gets whammed in the head with a frying pan by actress Virginian Gregg. He has a fight at the end with Efrem Zimbalisst.

8. Honey West. Anne Francis as Honey West, John Ericson as Sam Bolt.

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