Monday, April 11, 2011

The Enemy at the Door, Episode 1, Part 1

With the defeat of France, England's military leaves the Channel Islands - but its people remain, and the island is soon occupied by the Germans.

Simon Lack has a supporting role as one of the Germans. Alfred Burke is the lead German, with Simon Cadell as the one with the most stories. For the English, the lead role is played by Bernard Threlfall.

The Germans arrive and introduce themselves to the island governing body

Simon Lack as Major Freidel, and Alfred Burke as Major Richter

Simon Lack.

Simon Cadell at far right, as Hauptsturmfuhrer Reinicke .

Alfred Burke as Major Richter. American audiences will be most familiar with him as Gregorio Aunty from The Avengers in "The Girl From Aunty".

Richard Hurndall is the man on the left (John Ambrose). He appears on only 2 episodes. Known to American audiences as the First Doctor in The Five Doctors (replacing the deceased William Hartnell.) Hurndall had worked with Simon Lack on the radio serial, "Paul Temple and the Van Dyke Affair". Indeed, in the last ep of this serial, Lack's character threw Hurndall's character off a train.

Bernard Horsfall as Dr. Philip Martel. He was in "The Cybernauts" as Jepthcott, and Martin Fox in "The Fear Merchants."

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