Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case

I now have both the 1954 Gilbert Case - Peter Coke's first attempt at the role of Paul Temple, and the 1959 Gilbert Case - the one with Simon Lack as Lance Reynolds, as opposed to Richard Williams in the 1954 version.

It's fun to compare the two versions - the scripts are exactly the same, so its interesting to compare the vocal performances - both of Coke and Westbury (who reprise their roles) and the other actors. Lack far outshines Williams (of course.) [Williams played Sir Graham Forbes in the Lack version.]

I'll be posting a more detailed review later.

I now have all the Temples that Lack was in - except the lost Madison case which was recreated about ten years ago with Crawford Logan as Paul Temple. Unfortunately, although this version is available, they're charging $20 or more...not sure if I want to pay that much for a recreation of a Lack performance. But I probably will. ; )

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