Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simon Lack Affair: Trog, with Joan Crawford, pt 1

Simon Lack, born in 1915 (although some sources say 1917), was 55 years old in 1970 when he appeared in the last ten minutes of the movie Trog, which was also Joan Crawford's last film.

Why was he in this movie - playing Colonel Vickers? By all accounts this was a lousy movie (although, frankly, it was just a B-movie, and if the makeup had been a bit better - the troglodyte had a good looking face, but the rest of his body was absolutely smooth, and tanned, so it just didn't make any sense-- it might have been an adequate little thriller for the time.)

Lack made his living on the small screen, and on the radio and on stage. He had very few film roles - a starring role in the 1940 The Proud Valley with Paul Robeson - but then he spent 6 years in the Army and never had a starring role after that.

But one would assume that since he was so popular in the other genres, he would not choose to do a movie unless he either got paid a lot of money, or was a friend with someone in the crew.

In this movie, all his scenes are with Joan I kind of wonder if he was a friend of Joan's....

Anyway, he's looking very trim and fit here...and short.

Here's just a few pics, will add more later.

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