Saturday, April 9, 2011

Richard Hurndall

Spoilers below
Paul Temple and the Van Dyke Affair

I finally heard the last episode of Paul Temple and the Van Dyke Affair.

The effeminite young man, Roger Shelley, turns out to be Van Dyke. In the previous 7 episodes, he'd used one particular voice, a kind of Agnes Moorehead-type voice, in which he pronounces the last consonant of each word in an extended way, in particular the "t"'s.

In episode 8 he dropped the effeminate accent. His voice was so different that for a second I thought a different actor had stepped in...but then as he continued talking a bit of the old Shelly voice creeped in, so I knew it was the same actor.

I wish I could see a younger Hurndall in a TV performance somewhere, but the only thing he's been in was as the First Doctor in The Five Doctors.

In this last ep, Paul Temple leaves Roger Shelley alone in a train compartment with Phillip Droste and Droste's right hand man, McCall. Shelley was responsible for the death of Droste's wife. So Droste opens up the outside door, and he and McCall throw Shelly off the train. Shelley did great fear in this ep, and as my steady readers know, I always become interested in men who do great fear...

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